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I came out of surgery yesterday about 3:45is. It was a piece of cake. I wouldn't say it is painful, more discomfort than anything. Walk, Walk, WALK is all I can say, it does helpt with the gas pains (Last night the five of us who had surgery (Luci, Shannon, Daniel, and Mike) were all walking around the center with our IV carts. That was a site. Only problem I had was that I sleep on my stomach so sleeping on my back made for a long night. The staff here is wonderful. I know I am not even a day out, but I would do it all over again. We are fixing to check out and head back to the hotel.

Don't be nervous like I was, you are in great hands.

Bless you all for the prayers and well wishes.


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Congratulations, enjoy your time down there in TJ! It is so good to hear people enjoying having surgery! Who would have guessed?

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Did you make it home yet? Hope you had better luck driving than I had. Plane ride (2 hrs) went well but the 4 1/2 drive from Denver home was a bit much. Should have stopped a couple more times as gas was starting to build. Got up Thursday and went to work. Still have no real pain, and really feel better than I expected.


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Sorry to hear about your trip home. We made it home Thursday around noon, hubby drove it back 24 1/2 hours, I slept most of it. I would wake up when the gas would build up and we would get out and walk around. I haven't had any problems at all. I start my summer school program on Monday, so I am just doing a little house work and taking it easy.

Keep in touch and we will all have to keep each other in line.


ps easy on the coffee :D

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