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before and during pictures :o)

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Mac- You look soooooooooo great!! You know I'm always stalking you on myspace (lol) so I've seen all your newer pics and I thought they were the ones that showed your great progress but these really show how far you've come babe!

Keep it up, love you!!

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thanks michelle! i am just sitting here, scrolling up and scrolling down...it really is crazy what 39lbs can do..im thinking i have 90some more to go!?! im going to look like a totally different person! haha

i cant wait for out vegas reunion and our boob jobs! hahaha ><'

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You are gorgeous! I can see the difference alot. Great going!

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You look great :) Beautiful gal!

l_57174cde93bff17db7f546a14ab7fdd6.jpg sept. at my bachelorette party!

l_50285edefad7cb1fc7384b87647748b0.jpg my wedding october 2007

l_583f8b650e20e4f68e422068f295e212.jpg memorial day weekend 2008

l_3242869f862b752dbd95ada5ed6f3f37.jpg memorial day weekend 2008


I cant wait to see the end results!

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