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These last few days on liquids are the worst

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Many eat salmon for their first meal because it's moist and tender.

I had a cheese quesdilla because I love Mexican food :) But I only ate a kid's size and couldn't any of the rice or beans.

Thursday is my day to finally eat. Oh I can't wait. FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm debating what my first meal should be....any recommendations?

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I don't have my first real meal until July 21, but I think I will make Salsa chicken.

Chicken breast in baking dish, cover with mild salsa, it keeps the chicken moist and flavourful served over a little rice.

You can chop the chicken before cooking or after. Yummy!!!!

There are so many good choices, good luck narrowing one down!


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I soooooo felt the same way... Like literally at week 2 I was gonna kill someone. But it seemed like those last few days actually went pretty quick! I ate an omelet for my 1st meal and had no problems with it.. YUM! Good luck! You'll make it!

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Yes, the last days are hard! I remember I was so hungry! I think I started with chunkier soup because I was scared.

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