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Just wanted to run my checklist by everyone.

Am I missing anything?

1's and 5's

slip on shoes

toiletries and clothes (of course)

extra bag for goodies

ipod and book

chicken broth packets

important phone # list


How does cell phone reception work down there? I think I read in a previous post that calls made from the surgery center are free. Is that right?

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It depends on what carrier you have.. I had T-Mobile and had no service at all as soon as I crossed the border..

One thing to add to your checklist is slippers.. I LOVED having my slippers.. just a thought!

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Don't forget your original paperwork, passport or birth certificate for coming back into the states, perhaps some packs of crystal light or protein powder but not absolutely necessary if you don't have on hand. That's all I can think of but I'm sure others have great ideas too!! Have a great time and relax and enjoy this wonderful new beginning.

I have verizon and had no cell service down there, kinda a bummer. Also the calls to the US are very expensive from the hotel so call everyone you need to from the OCC.

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I have altell and had good reception, my bill was like 10 dollars for abot 7 calls my texting was free. Yes the surgery center has 2 computers and a phone you can use to call the states. Good Banding, and say hello to all for us.

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I checked into the cell phone thing just yesterday. I have Verizon and they told me I had to add the ability to make out of country calls to my phone, which was free. If I make a call however there is roaming charges and 99 cents per minute. I receive a lot of texts and they would be subject to roaming charges as well. I think I will just shut the phone off until I get back to San Diego. I also read somewhere that if the nearest cell phone tower was in Mexico that even though you were in the US you would get roaming charges. Glad I checked all that out first.

Good luck tomorrow. I am so anxious to be there! Only 20 days!! :sun_bespectacled:

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