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"After" pics from 4 months working with my trainer!

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Just had my 4 month checkin with my trainer and thought I'd post the results:

Total Weight (on 9/10/08): 172

Total Weight (on 1/10/09): 157

For a total of 15lbs lost and 11 inches all over my body in the 4months of working with her!!

Total Lean Mass (9/10): 134 lbs

Total Lean Mass (1/10): 132 lbs

(Lean Mass= Muscles, Bones, Organs and Water. An adult woman should have 90 to 110lbs of lean mass if inactive, more if she works out)

Total Fat Mass (9/10): 38 lbs

Total Fat Mass (1/10): 28 lbs

(Fat Mass= pounds of fat you are currently carrying)

Total Body Fat Percentage (9/10): 22%

Total Body Fat Percentage (1/10): 17%

(A reccomended body fat range for general fitness is 20%-30% for women, athletic fitness can be enhanced by by maintaining lower body fat levels about 17%-25%... Health can be compromised if a woman's body fat % drops under 14%.

She is supposed to email me the before and after pictures that she took so I will post those when she gets them to me!!

Overall I am happy that I have been able to work with her and have seen some great results!!

Here are the "AFTER" working with her pics, still waiting on the befores...




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Wow you look great! You were my main motivation to even get this surgery cause our body types are the same and our starting weights are close. I am very impressed - you have done a wonderful job!

By the way - I have a trainer too who is on hold while I heal - but are you restricted on anything you can do with your trainer?

again, great job! you look fantastic :)

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Wow you look fantastic. An inspiration to all of us that are at the beginning of this journey. Thank you for posting these!

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Wow that is Great! You look so good. I am just starting my journey. Thanks for keeping us up to date. I need the motivation!Sounds like a personal trainer is a good idea.

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Kudos Michelle! You look fantastic. Any pointers on routine (as others have asked)? Also, how do you get your abs so nice? I have all this fat I can't seem to get rid of on my stomach... its gross. Any suggestions? Thanks - - and again, awesome work!!

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I met Michelle over the weekend in TJ. I gotta admit it, she is smokin' hot, and seemed like a very good person too. Congradulations Michelle and hope your mom is doing great also. Your openness about your surgery and body have been a blessing to many on this board. Be sure to look for her OCC video on Youtube soon.

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Hi Michelle,

I was able to get my surgery done a day early, otherwise I would have met you and your mom at the clinic on the 16th! I was looking for you ladies at the Hotel as well but we never crossed paths. I just wanted to mention again that you are a true insperation to all of us here and I cant wait to look as good as you do!

Keep up the good work,

Jenelle :-h

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