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another fill question!

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Do they numb u at the OCC...I am starting to FREAK OUT! Ugh - I hate needles and that thing looks big - i dont even want the pinch

I am so like that too (I HATE needles) - so when I went to get my first fill, I just didn't look at the needle and kept talking to the Dr. while he worked - never looked down. It hurt LESS than a flu shot - which means it is painless. I felt the pressure when he put the needle in but no pain, when he pulled the needle out, it kind of had a pop sound but it was painless and didn't even bleed. WHen he sat me up with the needle in, it felt liked it pinched (probably my fat) , but really didn't hurt - drinking the stuff was the worse part - yuk! I worried about it before hand, but now I am ready for my 2nd fill without any fears.


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Hi there! I have had four fills, my first at OCC and I don't recall if they use an anestetic. I'm assuming they did. Either way, it didn't hurt me at all. It has been the same for the others. Although, I know that the Fill Center in Houston, he uses a small amount of anestetic and then inserts the needle. It feels like a small prick, then a small amount of movement right underneath your skin, and then it's over. It takes no more than a 1 minute for the fill, the entire process less than 5-10 minutes. I too, look away and don't even see the insertion at all. Hope all goes well for you. :D

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