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geting a fill ????



I found a Surgeon who will Adjust my lapband eventhou my surgery was done in Mexico. I have been wondering about going back to Tj for fills because my Surgeon Dr. Kelly is a wonderful DR. It is just hard to find someone to watch my 3 kids to go. And the person I found is only 1.5 hours away and I can take them with me. (I will just make a field trip out of the day) THe fill dr here charges 150 for the fill and 350 if he needs to use the flouro. $500 ouch! But what are my options?! I hope he wont have to use fluro or I am out of luck and out of money! Fill centers USA is good but they are 200 miles away! It is 350 for the first round with fill centers, I believe it includes fluro????? I dont know.... I just wish I could go to my surgeon which I cant do with 3 kids!

Should I keep my appt on the 8th? I have the 150 but not the 350 more if fluro is needed. I am just hoping it wont be needed!


cancel the appt on the 8th and find a bb sitter who will watch my kids for days so I can go back to TJ. My surgeon only charges $200 and he ALWAYS does fluro. I need to see how much the ticket would be.........


cancel the 8th and go to Fill centers USA drive 200 miles one way with kids pay 350 and hope it covers the fluro and fill.

Options options.... For all of the MOMS out there.... What would you do?


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Yes, I looked at flying in and it costs $1000. But yes I can do it in a quick turn around if I need to. I am hoping to be able to take care of it here. But I will do what I need to. I can fly into Sandiego for under $400 if I plAN AHEAD. fiRST STEP IS TO GET A PASSPORT.

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Oh yes I Meant fly into SAN airport! 1000 is CRAZY- That's how I did it the last time & also when I go back on the 29th. I paid $238 for the May 20th trip & $303 for my June 29th trip - then I will have to pay $279 for hotel stay, transportation & Fluro - I'm staying over night - My kids are big I don't have to worry Plus I get to have peace and in a different ATMOSPHERE :D

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