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2 weeks- 12 pounds



After my one week report my insision's scab rubbed off in the shower and the bump came streaming out! YUCK, BUT the skin on all but one insision has completly healed over and the only bump it the line of scar tissue under each line. and of course I can feel the port under the one.

My week 2 isnt quite here yet that is tuesday so I dont know how much i will have lost by then.

I did get a sneak peek and so far I have lost 4lbs this week which is a total of 12 lbs since my lapband's b-day. I think the key to not getting discouraged is weighting in weekly not daily. (That is the hard part)

I will check in again after the 2 week mark. I am also keeping a video log on you tube and myspace.

FYI - (yes, I am showing the healing of the insisions) LOL

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Hi - Just wanted to pass by and say HI -

My port scab is about off and the insision up top where the band is, Is just about gone, the others are healing wonderful. I've lost about 16 pounds! And I love it!

Don't you?????? I feel really good mind body & spirit

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