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My Bright Idea for a OCC Meet & Greet

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The link above to the video for the WLS Las Vegas Meet & Greet is my inspiration for a possible OCC Meet & Greet. How cool would that be?

We could all meet each other in-person and maybe even "flesh out" the whole webinar thing with a 2 day seminar on different topics and issues directly related to us, the OCC and banding issues/concerns.

I think it would be really fab to have a diverse panel of speakers and experts not only from the OCC but maybe also from Cosmed and the like...maybe even free private consultations for attendees?

Another idea is (did someone say SWAG?) maybe the OCC can line up a bunch of band friendly product sponsors (like Pepsi-Cola Mexicana's BeLight).

Couture donations, fashion show, games, door prizes, drawings, spa packages, drinking, dancing, more drinking...you get the idea.

I am going to go ahead and email the idea to the OCC staff and get their take on it. It would be fun and could be economical too if we could get a group rate on air-fare and hotel stay.

Anyway, just my random, rambling idea for the day. If anyone want to take this baton and run with it be my guest! ;)

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Apparently there have been several attempts in the past in terms of getting an OCC meet & greet off the ground but those attempts were unsuccessful. My understanding is that it did not happen due to the OCC wanting the patients to organize something and the patients not wanting to get on board & spend the money unless it was an OCC event and not some casual meet & greet put together by a committee of patients. So you can see that both sides were at cross purposes. My response from the email I sent to the OCC was that they feel that such an event would be a huge & expensive undertaking and it is one that they cannot commit to.

I purposed some ideas to the OCC for off-setting costs such as a registration fee & combining a meet and greet event with a prospective patient orientation. However, I am not getting the vibe that the OCC is interested at this time.

That being said, I have decided to attend a Weight Loss Conference being sponsored by obesityhelp.com the weekend of 5/21 5/22 in Costa Mesa. It looks like they are going to have a great panel of WLS speakers and I would love it if any of my fellow OCC bandsters would like to meet up with me at the event.

The registration fee is only $60.00 and it is being held at the Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa where the event rate is $99 per night for guest rooms. I have included a link here for anyone who might be interested in attending.

Weight Loss Conference

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I am so bummed, I would love to go to this and meet you all. Especially since Costa Mesa/Orange County is so close to me. I will be going up north to one of my best friends birthday.

Her birthday is May 23rd and we are celebrating it on the 22nd and I am gonna be gone from the 20th-24.

Maybe next time. :)

However, I met BrownEyedGirl yesterday for lunch and had a great time. :D



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I'll think about it - I keep wanting to go to one of these things - but one of my problems is they are mainly about getting people to get the band - I'd like to just have fun and meet our group. (We once talked about all just getting together in LA or LV) that still might be fun. Nothing fancy just a fun weekend!

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