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As of today....

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I have lost as much as I currently weigh! :lb21:

Holly - How fricking incredible is that! WOW what an awesome accomplishment! You look fantastic! I bet your family is so very proud of you! Heck, I am proud of you and I only know you from this forum!

Keep up the great work!

Where did you set your goal. Have you amended your goal ever?

P.S. you make that band look great!

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thank you everyone! :) It does feel pretty amazing I must admit! My original goal was 175...which I am at...but I always knew I would want lower than that. I am now kind of going 20 pounds at a time...to see how I look. I will just stop whenever I am liking what I see! I honestly think it will be at around 150 though. THEN...I want to get my TT and boob lift at some point! I have to save up for that one though! :)

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You look GREAT!

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